About us

Green Point Community Centre Incorporated is a not-for-profit, incorporated community organisation.

Green Point-Terrigal Community Services Incorporated is a non-profit, incorporated community organization with roots dating back to December 1994 when the Green Point Community Centre and Children’s Annex were established by the Gosford City Council. The council subsequently leased the facility to the Green Point Community Centre Inc., enabling the provision of a diverse range of community services to residents in the Green Point and surrounding areas.

In 2020, the organization underwent a name change from Green Point Community Centre to Green Point-Terrigal Community Services in response to the identification of Terrigal as an area in need of additional services by our primary funding body, the Department of Community and Justice. Presently, our organization has expanded its services to cover both the Green Point and Terrigal regions.

Green Point-Terrigal Community Services Inc. operates under the guidance of a volunteer Management Committee, elected annually during the Annual General Meeting. All generated revenue from space rentals is allocated toward the continual maintenance, upkeep, and enhancement of our esteemed Centre. Additionally, these funds are strategically directed towards supporting and improving our diverse range of programs and services for the community.

The photo on the left is the 2023/24 Management Committee.  From the left – Phil Turner, Michael Kemmis (Treasurer), Robyn Howes (Chair), Alicia Maher, Jean Russell and Sue Kauter(Vice Chair)

Our vision

Creating a resilient and socially inclusive community

Our mission

To create vibrant and welcoming  spaces for quality services and   programs of social value and practical benefits

Our goals

Our Team

Board & Management FOR 2022-23